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In order to experience LESS WORRY and MORE LIFE…

It’s crucial to recognize the inter-relationship between our mindset, money habits, and the motion of our mind and body.

Marie Burns financial advocate
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Marie Burns, a financial advocate and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), has been advocating for clients’ financial health for almost 20 years. Originally from Wisconsin, she has helped clients with their financial lives in a fiduciary capacity in a bank setting, accounting firm, at Vanguard, at a financial planning firm and now writes, speaks, and has a Phoenix-based independent advisory practice where she offers financial planning and wealth management. She is a volunteer ambassador and board member for The Financial Awareness Foundation, member of the Financial Planning Association, board member for the Senior Advocacy Group of Ahwatukee, author of a financial checklist book series, and podcast host of Mind, Money, Motion. Let Marie help you on your financial journey!

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You can also find Marie at her Focus Point Planning website.