Valentine’s Day—The Gift Women Really Need

February 2019 – When I shared the first draft of my financial checklist book with a publisher, his reaction surprised me. “This is a ‘honey, I love you’ book! I am going to get this for my wife for Valentine’s Day and tell her that my gift will be to get everything on the checklist completed for her so she won’t have to worry.” Wow, I thought, that really is a loving husband.

Both of my books, financial checklists for before and after the loss of a loved one, will truly most often be the biggest help to women because statistically we are the ones left to deal with life after the loss of a spouse. 70% of all married women will experience widowhood. 80% of all women will die single. And when we add in spouse health issues, 90% of all women will eventually be solely in charge of their household finances.

A long-time friend always made me laugh when he introduced his wife of 30+ years, he would say “this is Kathy, my first wife.” Despite his sarcastic humor it made me think twice when I recently read an article by a writer who realized that his current wife, will also likely be his future widow. The article was titled “She’s Cute. She’s Smart. She’s My Future Widow.” The facts continue to confirm that assumption. 80% of the 1 million Americans who lose a spouse each year are women. Women outlive men in every country in the world.

So, we women need to get comfortable, or have the right resources and guidance available to be comfortable, with our financial life. Getting financially organized sooner versus later is a gift to ourselves.

Marie Burns is a Certified Financial Planner™, Speaker and Author of the bestselling Financial Checklist books.

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