A Time for a Positive Focus

An attitude of gratitude

In grade school we learned that Thanksgiving originally started as a feast to celebrate a harvest. But did you know that we have Abraham Lincoln to thank for making Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863? Lincoln proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November (which is why it is so late this year) to be a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.”

So, setting aside time to give thanks for our blessings is a refreshing change of focus from our everyday media diet of violence, politics, and all that is wrong in the world. Therefore, let’s take a moment to share an attitude of gratitude for our new Mind, Money, Motion family using an often recommended habit…a gratitude journal.

August 2019

I am so grateful for…

  • The opportunity to expand my financial planning practice as a Financial Advocate for Women. As a result, women can enjoy Less Worry, More Life via my education business Mind Money Motion.
  • The first two women who stepped up to help me be a financial catalyst – Cindy Gordon at Business Rescue Coaching and Kathleen Gramzay at KathleenGramzay.com. So, I was able to reach women with tips for taking action in their lives via my August podcast.
  • The international non-profit organization that allows me to help women go from “knowing” to “doing” with their practical, get-your-financial-house-in-order tools The Financial Awareness Foundation. 

September 2019

I am very thankful for…

  • The ease and reasonable cost provided by Amazon to share my books that help families. As a result, readers can think clearly in the calm before the storm. Also, they begin the seemingly overwhelming task of getting financially organized by taking one step at a time. The Before and After Financial Checklists on Amazon.
  • The chance to co-lead Financial Peace University at my church in Ahwatukee. I was able to help families break down their finances to 7 Baby Steps so that they can prioritize and take action on achieving financial peace.
  • Elena Zee and Lupe Camargo who joined my September podcast discussion to help listeners with behavior change and personal finance for K-12 students.

October 2019

I appreciate organizations that promote financial literacy like…

November 2019

I give thanks for…

  • Subscribers to my MMM monthly newsletter (About, Subscribe) for your interest in taking care of yourself and your family.
  • The articles, checklists and personal website available from Everplans. Here consumers can compile their information so it is accessible by family wherever they may live. This is also a complementary service to my planning clients.
  • My planning/advisory clients at Focus Point Planning who have welcomed me into their lives and the lives of their families.

Finally, our brains tend to focus on and remember the negatives in life. This month, let us intentionally remember the positives, which far outnumber the negatives, and be grateful. Therefore, let’s have an attitude of gratitude. Thank you!

Marie Burns is a Certified Financial Planner, Speaker and Author of the bestselling Financial Checklist books.

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