Gina Reinecke

Gina Reinecke, Health Coach

Motivating Yourself to Exercise


Highlights from the interview:

  • With her Exercise Science degree and years of experience as a personal trainer, Gina breaks it down for us: why exercise is so important, how do you start wherever you are, a Rehab approach to avoid burnout, and strategies for getting and staying motivated. Join her March 13 (below) to learn more. Thank you Gina!

    Phone: 951-816-7278


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  • UPCOMING EVENT: Come explore what health coaching is all about.  

    Learn about the program, hear stories and see how you can make a difference, one healthy habit at a time.

    Saturday March 13, at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST for 1 hour

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    Meeting ID: 946 4730 7779
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