My Net Worth Statement

It’s time to get your financial house organized with a Net Worth Statement!

An important task and commonly overlooked estate planning advice you need to focus on is creating a list of your assets—what you currently own (assets) and owe (debts). Doing this will help you not only figure out and document your net worth but it will also serve as the inventory list of resources later when family needs to step in to help or to settle your estate after you’re gone! 

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Don’t know where to begin? No problem! We have created a Net Worth Statement Checklist to help you get it all figured out. The fillable PDF also auto-calculates for you as you go so you will see an accurate net worth totaled for you at the bottom when you are finished.

My Net Worth Statement

Buy now and download instantly!

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Before you begin using the My Net Worth Statement worksheet, you need to download and save it to your computer (so you don’t lose it), then open it up in Adobe Acrobat/Reader in order to enable the auto-calculate function.

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