Clarisse Ringwald podcast

Clarisse Ringwald, Image Consultant

Make Your Best First Impression!


Highlights from the interview:

Listen to Clarisse’s tips covering all aspects of styling, color, body shape analysis, face analysis, line and design evaluation and even the impact of your hair color. Here her story about how she was a stay-at-home Mom with two small children and a certified Yoga teacher when she was humiliated over something she wore to an event. She went to see a professional color stylist and that changed her life.

Now she changes others lives to positively impact the 3 seconds you have to create a first impression. Listen in to learn more about jewelry, shoes, accessories, and how to do yourself a favor that not only impacts the mindset of others but yours as well. And think of all the money you can save by not buying the wrong colors, clothes and accessories!

Clarisse can be reached at (602) 320-2489, on her website or

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