Cindy Gordon

Our limiting beliefs, often picked up in childhood, negatively impact our mindset as the biggest hurdle to women achieving financial success. One tool that helps to remove the emotion and separate our thoughts from our self-image is to create a persona. For example, Poison Ivy is the persona that Cindy identified as her source of negative thoughts, self-doubt, and destructive limiting beliefs. So when Poison Ivy starts talking negatively in her ear, she can tell “her” she is wrong, disagree with her, and instead act on what she knows is healthy behavior instead. The persona helps you separate and dislike the behavior (represented by the persona), not the person (yourself).

Women are “creatures of community” so it is normal and helpful to surround ourselves with others. Yet we often focus into ourselves, put our head down, and work hard thinking that is the best approach to achieving what we strive for. It is not a sign of weakness to reach out, connect and collaborate to learn and help each other. We are wired for and thrive on that.

Start with your “why” as the starting point for change.

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Kathleen Gramzay

Emotions release chemicals, positive or negative, so recognizing that body/mind connection can be to your advantage if you incorporate moving and breath work regularly. Try breathing in to the count of 5 then breathing out for the count of 5 or count down from 5 to 1 and then get up off the couch on 1 to go enjoy some physical activity. Smiling, walking in nature, listening to a favorite song from your teens (your power song) can all positively impact your body/mind to release positive chemicals and better manage your stress.

Those in middle management roles often suffer from a “stress sandwich”, feeling the pressure from upper management as well as from employees. Recognizing and acting on the body/mind connection can be a middle manager’s best friend to not only deal with stress but as a result to also improve performance.

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