Holly Duckworth, Stress Reduction Specialist

Practicing Mindfulness


Highlights from the interview:

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness in the moment. How am I being in the doing? It can also be referred to as “awarefulness.”

Perhaps the current environment we are in today (COVID-19) is an opportunity to recreate our business or to slow down our bigger, better, faster life. Like a sponge, we sometimes need to squeeze it out to make room for more space, so maybe this is the pause that allows us to do that?

In business, there is leadership in every level of an organization and some of the “soft skills” such as mindfulness are becoming recognized throughout firms as needed skills for moving forward.

Being in the moment allows you to focus on the most important thing to do now. Just breathing can be clearing for the brain. Visualization is also important—what you visualize, you actualize.

Other mindful practices might be writing down or writing a note to someone of gratitude, verbalizing affirmations out loud such as “the world is FOR me not against me”, and being open to experiences that come your way.

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