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Toby Benton, NBC-HWC

Health is a Vehicle, Not a Destination


Highlights from the interview:

Even if you feel like the deck is stacked against you when it comes to genetics and your health, it helps to realize that genetics loads the gun BUT lifestyle pulls the trigger. Healthy behaviors can help you thrive so that your ultimate destination is a state of well-being.

A Wellness Coach is actually a behavior change specialist. From a holistic standpoint, a Wellness Coach needs to learn not just the diagnosis from the doctor but also have a current understanding of all areas of a person’s life. Then a lifestyle approach tailored to each individual can begin.

Often times movement is the most needed starting point as only 10-15% of American meet the CDC recommendations:

  • 150 minutes of moderate exercise/week
  • 75 minutes of weight bearing exercise/week
  • Balance exercises for older adults

Exercise can have a beneficial domino effect as it can reduce stress, positively impact sleep, improve blood flow and oxygen to the body, etc.

A Wellness Coach is a guide on the side helping to facilitate the healthy lifestyle behavior changes needed. Some tips for listeners looking for positive change:

  1. Embrace the idea of change instead of feeling afraid of change. Change can be difficult but it is an opportunity for growth!
  2. Don’t do this alone, find a support person because it is long term change that is needed and having a supportive professional or friend can actually speed up your progress!
  3. Focus on positive thinking daily and be kind to yourself.

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