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Dr. Josh Luke, Veteran Hospital CEO, Speaker and Author

Spend Less, Live Well


Highlights from the interview:

Health care expenses are the second-largest expense for most businesses and usually in the top three expenses for families. Dr. Luke has been called America’s Health Care Affordability Authority and the Tony Robbins of Health Care with his focus on helping Americans “Spend Less, Live Well” (also the title of his podcast).

One positive coming out of the pandemic is that telehealth is now becoming more available (it had been bogged down with regulations for years) and is now adopted more readily by consumers. That will continue to help Americans spend less on health care. If your family wants to have access to a Doctor 24/7/365 from the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home, you can check out www.youradvohealth.com

The average family spends $24,000/year on health care expenses due to health insurance premiums and high deductibles. Dr. Luke encourages consumers to start pushing back and declare your tipping point by asking questions, paying cash, and requesting to negotiate fees.

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