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Dr. Karen Jacobson, Speaker, Author, President of Aligned Leadership Academy

Power Conversations: A 3-Step Strategy

Highlights from the interview:

  • It’s not what you go through in life but what you do with those experiences to help serve others. Dr. Jacobson’s Israeli military experience, health care practice, and competitive sport background provided her the opportunity to think of life in a different way.
  • We often have a fear of the unknown and no plan to cope with unexpected changes. Dr. Jacobson has identified a 3-Step Strategy to teach us a way to cope with significant change/fear, especially now with COVID-19 affecting the world.
  • 3-Step Strategy to overcome fear and create a plan to move forward:
    1. Accept-there are many things beyond your control so recognizing that those facts won’t change, can calm you and bring you to a place of quietude. Our brain gets swept up in the fight, flight, or freeze response when we experience strong emotions so starting with recognizing and accepting the facts, can help us move out of a knee-jerk fight, flight or freeze reaction and help us move on to Adapt instead.
    2. Adapt-we need to consciously make a choice to avoid amygdala hi-jacking (an overwhelming emotional response that can prevent rational thinking). One way to do that is with breathe work. See drkarenjacobson.com for a free, one page download of instructions for a great deep breathing exercise that can move you out of the emotional side of the brain and re-engage the logical side as well.
    3. Advance-in order to move forward with action, you need to create a plan. Ask lots of questions and write it down.

Power Conversations, Dr. Jacobson’s book, is a business communication guide that walks you through reclaiming your center with her 3 Step Strategy and more which also creates first impressions for lasting connections. Something we can all benefit from!

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