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What’s Age Got to Do With It?


Highlights from the interview:

Healthy Aging: What’s Age Got To Do With It? Series Part 2

I continue our conversation about a topic applicable to us all, aging. My podcast focus is on the fact that the more we take care of our mind and body, the less we have to worry about running out of money (a healthy life is less expensive, right?). So Toby shares her observations as a practitioner seeing women one on one about their chronic health issues and provides tips we can all use.

What is aging? Historically we used to think of being in our 50s as “getting older” but now we are seeing people live well into their 90s and even over 100 years old.

Can you define “healthy aging” from a clinical perspective? Toby shares a much more comprehensive definition of well-being from her experience as a wellness professional.

What are some myths and common misconceptions about aging? Have you heard the one about you need to retire at 65 and then your best years are behind you once you retire?

What are women’s biggest concerns with aging? Toby talks about confidence, fears, and not feeling physically well.

ACTION: What are three things we can do to age healthier? Tune in to find out

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