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Bonita Yoder – Estate Attorney, Author, Ventriloquist, Speaker

Common Estate Planning Mistakes


Highlights from the interview:

Bonita Joy Yoder is one of the world’s few attorneys who is also a ventriloquist. Yoder is a licensed attorney and licensed real estate agent in Colorado and Kansas.  She is also a master of ceremonies, author and inspirational speaker.   She believes in embodying JOY, which is her middle name, with the help of her ventriloquist puppet friends. As an edu-tainer, Bonita Joy loves to bring the fun and funny to businesses, associations and learning events.  

Bonita and her puppet friends (Gladys and Attorney Jerry) discuss with Marie the most common estate planning mistakes and misunderstandings:

  1. Most women outlive men and are often the ones who “drag” their husbands to see the attorney to for estate planning. Yet 60% of Americans still die without having those documents in place. Too often men are thinking “I don’t care, I’ll be gone anyway!” but women may outlive their husbands by an average of 14 years so they know they will be left to take care of things by themselves if they don’t do it together now.
  2. Having a will does not by-pass probate. There is usually estate planning “homework” that needs to be done after documents are drafted. Account titles and beneficiary designations are important to keep updated.
  3. Bank accounts can have POD (Payable on Death) added to them in order to name a beneficiary and by-pass probate.
  4. You need to compile a list of assets to help the attorney understand your situation and plan accordingly. It will also help you now to better understand what you have and your family later.

See an estate planning attorney to document your wishes and save time and money in the end!


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