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Toby Benton, NBC-HWC

How to Mindfully Manage Your Weight


Highlights from the interview:

Weight loss is a personal journey, but also a larger health problem that drives disease. Why is losing weight important really? Because being overweight is a real health risk. 
OBESITY is now being classified as a Disease.  It is also being called:  Type 3 Diabetes OR DIABESITY. This is a health problem of epic proportions with 3 out of 4 Americans (including children) overweight and of those managing multiple diseases and taking several medications to manage those diseases.  

We are waking up to “Food is Medicine”, and with education and support, we have the power to reduce the risk of disease, and one way to do so is by losing weight. Toby goes on to share specific tips and strategies related to food vs exercise, mindful eating, tracking lifestyle.

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