Mike Skrypnek on the Mind Money Motion podcast

Mike Skrypnek – Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Living the Life You Want


Highlights from the interview:

Mike was inspired to write and coach business owners about what he wished he would have known earlier on in his career, landmines to avoid, and making a bigger impact sooner and faster. His latest (fifth) book Grow Get Give, is chock full of tips to help impact-minded business owners also live the life they want to live.

The Grow aspect of his philosophy offers 30 tips around building a Mountain of Credibility. The Get focus helps business leaders understand and implement what he calls Freedom Rules that provide guidance on people, process, and systems. Accountability is a constant theme throughout those 28 tips.

Last, the Give part of his philosophy is more than you think. His firsthand experience and witnessing it all around him also brought to light the importance of taking a First Responder approach with yourself, even before acting on giving financially. Part of the 25 tips in this section encourage you to ask– Are you taking care of yourself fully: mind, body (diet, exercise, sleep), and overall health?

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