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What Does Your Financial Health Depend on?

Financial Health

When articles or discussions center around the question, “do you know your number?”, it is usually referring to your retirement nest egg value. Specifically, how much do you need to have stashed away before you can retire and not have to worry about running out of money? I feel like a politician when I answer,…

Four Things I Learned About the Word “Widow”

the word widow

I wish we had a different word to use here in the United States for our “status” after we lose a spouse other than the word “Widow.” It’s the only box you can check on forms you need to fill out afterwards at the bank, doctor’s office, dentist, etc. What I have learned in the…

How to Guarantee Your Best First Impression

woman shaking hands

When I first started public speaking, part of my training was the constant reminder that you only have 30 seconds to make a positive impression and grab the audience’s attention. That training was about 30 years ago and the timeframe to make a first impression has gotten significantly shorter. I recently read that an interviewer…

What Does Breathing Have to Do with Money?

money and breathing

“Take a deep breath!” That was probably a common phrase that was used when we were younger if we were upset about something. Or we might have been told to “calm down, count to 10” or “walk it off”. Who knew this age-old advice that we all probably heard from our parents, grandparents, or teachers…

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Get Your Financial House in Order

Make this the Year You Get Your Financial House in Order I love New Year’s Resolution time of year not because of the goal setting, but because it gets us thinking about the results we are seeking. Once you know what outcome you want, your best success comes in focusing on the small action steps…

Less Worry, More Life

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What is the one thing everyone wants in life? No matter where you live, what your situation is, or exactly how you describe your answer, we all have the same goal…happiness. Your definition of happiness is where we will each differ. Some definitions are related to financial independence, love relationships, accomplishments, personal passions or hobbies,…