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Misunderstandings About the Financial Power of Attorney Document

Financial Power of Attorney

Common Misunderstandings Do you know if your financial power of attorney document is a “springing” or an “immediate” authorization? Do you know what your bank or retirement account custodian would require if your financial power of attorney agent needed to transact on your account for you? Those two questions and their answers can cause a…

“To Each His Own”

Financial Power of Attorney

A Frustrating Requirement You Need to Understand We head to the pantry this month in our Financial Open House tour, and if you are like me, you have a place for everything. Your pantry is organized the way you like it therefore you don’t really think much about it until you need to go in…

It’s vacation time, are you REALLY ready?

June 2019 – Are you ready for a stress-free vacation season this summer? To be truly stress-free, you need to consider the Must-Dos of estate planning before you go.  I jokingly (but not really) tell my financial planning clients to book a trip on the calendar if they want to get their estate planning documents…